… Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu – 

You are enough



 As I landed on the island I noticed the unspoken dress code- casual clothes, comfortable, and suitable to the weather, walking barefoot on the beach and being  yourself. Sea breeze, healthy food and lots of fruit juices put back the cheer on my face like nothing else. Island life has a way of stripping away all the non-essentials in life- I  really felt that no one else in this world will ever be me, and that is so unbelievably cool!

 Nature is restorative


As a travel writer I travel all the time; sometimes it even dulls my senses. But Seychelles was all about nature- counting the shades of blue in the ocean every day, seeing spectacular rock formations like Dali’s creations, learning something about its incredible bio-diversity every moment, feeling the leathery, hard texture of a giant tortoise that is content spending its life in a slow amble…walking through an aromatic spice garden, trying to ride a cycle after many years.

The best things in life are actually free



 My stay on La Digue island, one of the smallest islands in the Seychelles, was very relaxing and in the slow lane. There was no internet access, only cycles and walks , beaches that looked like no one else  was using them, and a village of 3000 people with just a couple of small shops, a police station, a hairdresser and some cafes. I caught a brilliant sunset after a long walk, met a local on the street and was invited to sit and chat with her in her lovely living room and walked in the moonlit street after dinner.  What’s not to love?

Keep it simple


Before you step out and buy something, actually ask yourself…do you really need it? Will it add to your happiness quotient?  I found my happy moments in a walk on a deserted  beach, in contemplating on the subtle colours of another of God’s great paintings across the sky, dipping my feet in the pure waters of a creek, in meeting the locals in the Wednesday market, in the call of a black parrot, in the electric green of a gecko and the sea spray on my face in a ferry. In  just being.


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